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The Downbeat - 2 March 2010 - #176 - The Wrist Edition

  Deron makes the list of some of the worst tattoos in the NBA.  I never noticed that the original panther's tail was so messed up.

Last night I had a choice to make, watch the Jazz game or watch Mall Cop with the fam.  Sounds like I made the right choice.

Can we get Mr. Miyagi on the training staff?  We need some work done on Deron's wrist.  Like I mentioned, I didn't watch the game, but I read up on the recaps later and saw that a couple of missed free throws late were missed because of that sore wrist.

What?  He's dead?  Crap.  Well, Jackie Chan is going to be in the "remake" so maybe he'll do?

The last couple of seasons there's been a bunch of talk about the Jazz being in position for the #2 or #3 seed and which they've subsequently gone on to get the fourth seed (but still not have home court) and barely hang on for the eighth seed. 

I realize this is coming from the guy that keeps talking about the Knicks pick in WYWS (although none this morning), but I'm not going to talk about seeding any more.  I'll still be putting up the WYWS, but no talk about potentially getting what seed.

I cannot believe that the Jazz would sign Michael Finley.  He was released by the Spurs so that he could be picked up by another team for the playoffs. He will probably sign with the Celtics though.

I think there would be a full-fledged result if the Jazz were to sign another wing player after trading Brewer for a pick.  I don't think there's much chance that the Jazz sign him though.