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The Downbeat - 23 March 2010 - #191 - The Going Out Like A Lion Edition

1_medium Congrats to Othyus Jeffers for officially making the team for the rest of the season. Instead of playing 13th-man roulette, it was good to see the Jazz reward his for his hard work. And really, there isn't anyone else out there that's going to be any better as a 13th man and they wouldn't be on the playoff roster anyway. Here's what O'Connor had to say,

We told him that he hasn't got a chance to play, but he's shown us he'll work and he's shown us that he's not afraid to get in the game and put his nose in there," O'Connor added. "Coach and I and the rest of the staff decided that he's a good addition.

Although, I would like to say that I'm still available for the remaining 11 games.

Great night last night if you're a Jazz fan. Not only did they blow out the Celtics, but San Antonio took out the Thunder. Dallas got embarrassed by New Orleans. The only downside was Phoenix pulling out the win against the Warriors.

So that leaves the Jazz just 1/2 game back of the Mavs and 1 1/2 back of the Nuggets. Dallas has a pretty tough couple of weeks coming up. They host the Clippers tonight before heading to Portland and Golden State. Then they're home against Denver before heading to Memphis for quickie. Then they have Orlando and the Thunder at home.

I've chronicled Denver's remaining schedule. The Jazz just have to take care of things on the road the rest of this week and they should be in good shape. Remember, the past couple of seasons, even finishing one game under .500 on the road would have gotten them one of the top spots in the west. I think that's going to be the same this year.

Who's your pick to get the stomach flu next? Deron? The KOOF? Sloan? Bear?

Can I go off-topic a bit here and just talk about LOST for a bit? I realize I just lost 95% of you, but there's only so much time left in the series and today is Tuesday.

Can I just say how pumped I am for tonight's episode on Richard Alpert? Could be one of the best in the series. The best to date in my opinion was two episodes ago with the focus on Ben. I love that character.

My latest theory is that the MIB was/is the first candidate. We've seen how Ben and Richard have turned on Jacob and hate him so much. I think that's the MIB over the course of a couple of millennium. He's only wanted to get off the island but he can't because he's a candidate. He's finally found the loophole though that will let him get off.

Finally, and guesses as to who gets killed before it's all said and done?

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