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Game Thread/Preview - Utah Jazz @ Toronto Raptors

The Jazz make their lone pilgrimage across the border to take on the Raptors tonight. The Jazz beat them pretty good when they were in Utah, but it took a big fourth quarter to put them away.

Toronto has one of the best offenses in the league but the Jazz stymied them in that game and held them to just 37% shooting.

On the defensive spectrum the Raptors one of, if not the worst teams in the league. They give it up in points per game and points per possession. They'll give up 100 points a night no problem. In fact, they've held their opponents to less than 100 points only 5 times over their last 25 games. They did that against the Sixers, the Knicks, and the Nets three times.

Over the past couple of months they're letting teams score almost 108 points a game while their offense has struggled a bit.

They're giving up on average 2 more points a game than they're scoring and yet they're still above .500. They're also fighting for the last playoff spot in the east with Chicago right behind them. So they've got a lot to play for tonight.

Nevertheless, this is a game the Jazz need to win. They should be able to score at will. If they're able to hold the Raptors to one or two bad quarters, they should be able to pull this out.

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