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SLC Dunk Night Out

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Sorry for the procrastination with this.  If we're going to do it, we need to put this together pretty quick.  We've narrowed the games down to two, OKC on 4.6 (Tue) or Phoenix on 4/14 (Wed).

Here are our options.  We can get a skybox for the game or seats in the upper bowl.  The skybox is $70-$80 a person and includes food and drinks.  That's available for either game.

The  other option is the upper bowl with prices ranging from $17 to $42.  There's also the option to buy vouchers for concessions.

So here's what I need as soon as you can.  If you can plan on going to one of these games, please feel out the form below.  It's not a legally binding document by any means, but we need an accurate count pretty quick.  We also need to get at least 20 people or so to get these rates.

So pick the game(s) you can attend (we're just going to one though) and what options you would like.  You don't have to select just one.  If you would like the skybox but would be fine with the upper bowl, mark both.  Select as many options for each question as apply.

Email me with any questions or leave a comment on the form.