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The Downbeat - 26 March 2010 - #194 - The Basketball John, John Stockton Edition

1_medium Hmmmm, do you smell that? No, it's not the smell of spring, it's the three-way tie right now between the Jazz, Mavs, and Nuggets. The Jazz are still in fourth because Denver won the season series 3-1 and Dallas is a division leader.

Whatever the outcome for the regular season, you have to admit that these last ten games are going to be huge and should be one of the best races for seeding that we've seen for a while. That says a lot considering just how tight the west has been over the past few years.

This gives more credence to the fact that Denver's last game at Phoenix and our last game of the season hosting Phoenix are going to be huge. Also remember, Phoenix is only a game and half back as well. Lot's riding on those last two games.

Speaking of which, it looks like the overwhelming choice for the SLC Dunk night out will be the Phoenix game in the SkyBox. We have about 12 right now. We'd love to have everyone that can make it and we still need more people. So please sign up. Should be a great game.

For those that can't make it, I'm still working on my teleportation device but it's not quite ready, sorry. Next season we'll be a lot more organized. That means I'll have to have someone else do it so that it doesn't get put off until 3 weeks left in the season.

So make sure to sign up!

This is a bit of a stretch for Jazz news, but not too much. I don't know how many of you watched the K-state/Xavier game (played at the ESA), but Jordan Crawford from Xavier may have just played himself into the NBA draft. The game itself was a classic with each team hitting big shot after big shot and went into 2 OTs.

Xavier ended up losing the game but at no fault of Crawford. In fact, the game wouldn't have gone OT had it not been for his heroics. If you don't know, he's the kid that dunked on LeBron in LeBron's summer league that Nike tried to cover up for whatever reason. It was a great dunk but it wouldn't have received nearly the attention it did had Nike not taken away the known videos of the dunk.

Anyway, he was nailing threes from all over the place. Here's a couple of classic quotes from Gus Johnson and Len Elmore who were calling the game,

"What a game! Jordan Crawford from the corner of John Stockton and Karl Malone Drive!"
Gus Johnson

"Jordan Crawford taking matters into his own hands! He doesn't care where he is on the floor! As long as he's behind the line!"
Len Elmore

Those aren't exaggerations. He was nailing 30-footers with ease. He was driving to the hoop. Doing it all.

He wasn't projected to come out until next year but he might have moved up with this one performance. I'm not an expert in college bb by any stretch, but he sure looked like he could go right now. I don't know where he would go in the draft and I imagine he's not going to come out unless he is a lottery pick because it sure looks like he could be next season.

If he's available this season, he sure looks like someone that I would love to see on the Jazz.

Happy Birthday to John Stockton who's a spry 48 today. Make sure to reacquaint yourself with his ridiculous numbers. I've said it many times, but I guarantee he could still go at least 10 minutes a game right now.

I hope once his kids are done with school that he gets involved with the NBA and hopefully the Jazz on some level.

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