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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Indiana Pacers

AP Photo/Tom Strattman
AP Photo/Tom Strattman

The Jazz have won four straight against the Pacers since a blowout loss @Indy back in 2007. The usual suspects have had the biggest games against them with Memo's 43 points at home last season being the highlight.

The Pacers have their own winning streak going right now at four games. They've beaten the Pistons twice, the Wizards, and did us a big favor by taking out the Thunder.

The Pacers will be without Jeff Foster, Tyler Hansbrough, T.J. Ford, and possibly Dr. Roy Hibbert.

They're an above average defensive team but not very effective on offense.

Don't expect a crowd at all to this game. They've been at the bottom of league attendance numbers now for the past four seasons. You should be able to hear every AND-1, motherwhatever, and Kyle Korver chewing on his mouthpiece.

I don't think this will be a trap game for the Jazz. I think they can smell the 2 or 3 seed and will come out and execute like they have been doing recently. A loss tonight might hurt worse mentally than those early season losses to the Timberwolves.

Let's hope this is another boring game and that we get to see Deron do the chicken dance, macarena, YMCA, or whatever flavor of corny song the Pacers game day crew puts on.

Oh, and hopefully AK is back tonight.

I won't be joining you as I have other commits tonight. Behave.

Other games of note tonight.

  • Nuggets @ Raptors - I don't expect the Nuggets to lose this one. They're going to be a little more focused now and won't miss Kenyon Martin for this one. Remember the jinxing rules when posting scores!
  • Knicks @ Suns - The last game where you're torn on whom to root for. I'm hoping that if we win, the Suns win this one. I really want that Knicks pick to be better. Also, the Knicks and Pacers are tied for wins so if the Jazz beat the Pacers, we need the Knicks to lose.
  • Lakers @ Thunder - The Thunder are three games back right now but a four-game cushion would be nice. They could easily be a first-round opponent. I'm not openly rooting for the Lakers though.
  • Cavs @ Spurs - SA is another potential first round opponent if we move up. They're not a threat to overtake the Jazz but every loss helps.
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