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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Washington Wizards

Whenever I make a game preview, I'm either right on or my prediction is exactly the opposite. It never fails. Here's what I said in the Pacers game thread/preview,

They're an above average defensive team but not very effective on offense.

So what happens? They can't miss from three and hold the Jazz to 43% shooting. Sheesh.

I've also broken my own rule about talking about seeding given last year's collapse after everyone was talking about getting the two seed. So no more talking about seeds. Phoenix won again last night putting them just a 1/2 game back. Denver escaped with a win with a last-second buzzer beater over the Raptors. They're still not playing well despite that win.

Either way, we'll see what Jazz team we have tonight. Just like I wasn't ready to declare the team a changed team after winning a few in a row back in January, I'm not ready to say they're going to blow it again because of last night's game. We'll see if they bounce back tonight against the Wizards who have lost 14 straight including one @ the ESA a couple of weeks ago.

AK will be out again after last night's injury and will have an MRI according to Siler. Given that we play Washington, New York, and Golden State over the coming week, I hope he rests it and that the MRI doesn't show anything.

Let's hope the Jazz work from the inside out tonight, you know, something they should be doing almost every night.