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The Downbeat - 31 March 2010 - #197 - The Final 7 Edition

1_medium We got no love from the 76ers and the Bulls last night. I didn't really expect Philly to take out the Thunder but it was disappointing nevertheless.

However, Chicago was in a position to beat the Suns and get them off our back. Chicago led going into the fourth but Nash took over late to finish off the Bulls. That's what good teams do.

Phoenix has a couple of easy ones at NJ and at Detroit before heading to Milwaukee. Then they're home to take on the Spurs and then head to the OKC.

Tonight's game against Golden State is large, large.

The Jazz had their annual Leapin' Leaners fundraiser last night and moni nails it,

If you ask me, the Jazz missed out on a huge fundraising opportunity by not charging at least $10,000 for KK, KOC, Jerry, and Fes' tables.* I can absolutely guarantee those tables would have sold like [finger snap]. Why? Read on...

Sundiata Gaines has had some good play as of late in his limited minutes. Granted, he's playing normally against other bench guys, but in the past 10 games that he has played, here are his numbers,

22.5 PPG per 36, 5 APG per 36, 63% FG%, 50% 3P%, 4 steals per 36, and 5 assists per 36. He's also got a PER of 17.9 on the year. For per, 15 is considered the average.

Now if he could just hit a free throw, we'd be in business.

Interesting stat from which is called TND (click for a full breakdown). Basically what he tries to do is find what a player adds to the team other than scoring. So if you have a higher TND score than your PPG, you're helping in more ways than just points. A low differential means that your primarily a scorer. Here's what he has for the Jazz,

Player PPG TND Diff
williams,deron 18.7 27.7 9
boozer,carlos 20 24.8 4.8
okur,mehmet 15.2 19.9 4.7
kirilenko,andrei 6.5 8.9 2.4
millsap,paul 12.8 15 2.2
price,ronnie 2.5 3.9 1.4
gaines,sundiata 4 5.3 1.3
matthews,wes 12.6 13.7 1.1
korver,kyle 9.1 10.1 1
miles,c.j. 11.7 11.8 0.1
koufos,kosta 2.5 2.6 0.1
jeffers,othyus 2.1 1.4 -0.7
fesenko,kyrylo 2.6 1.7 -0.9

No surprise to see Deron and Boozer at the top of the list for differential given assists and rebounds. It also shows that Korver and Miles are primarily scorers.
Here are some differentials from other players in the league,I'm not a stathead by any means but I found these numbers interesting.
LeBron 6.6
Kobe -3
Gasol 7
Wade 0.3
Durant -1.9
Nash 6.3
Bosh 1.5
Roy -1.3
Howard 8.4
There's probably more that could be put into analyzing this if I had some time. I didn't go through everyone of course, but Deron's +9 is probably amongst the highest, if not the highest in the league.

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