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Phil Johnson Leaving The Utah Jazz?

(hat tip to Block U and Buc Ute for this)

It was reported here that Phil was heading to UTEP with new head coach Tim Floyd,

Floyd also announced during his introductory press conference that he will add current Utah Jazz assistant Phil Johnson to his staff. Johnson has been named the NBA's top assistant coach three times.

Floyd said he would hire Phil Johnson as his top assistant coach.

"One gentleman I know will come work with me will be Phil; Johnson, who worked with me at UNO," said Floyd. "I recommended him to Lute Olson (as an assistant at Arizona) because I couldn't get anybody a head coaching job at that point in my career. But I knew he was a head coach. And I told Lute he would be the best he ever had. He helped Lute win a national championship. He went on and was the head coach at San Jose State."

Yikes, give me a heart attack.  I couldn't believe that it wasn't bigger news already if this were really the case.  But with a common name, I thought there might be a chance that there was another coach somewhere with that name.

So hopefully if you hear about this somewhere later, you can dispel the rumor.