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Game Thread - Golden State Warriors @ Utah Jazz



Do you remember where you were on 411 (2009)? I do. I was watching the carnage unfold on a TV at a Winger's restaurant. The Jazz were getting destroyed by the Warriors from the Bay. The Jazz played a team with nothing to lose and got ran out of the gym.

The Warriors weren't slouches on offense by any means but they were also ranked almost last defensively. It's not like they had their full team though. They had to call up half the DLeague just to meet the minimum roster requirements. They killed us at the ESA of all places.

The Jazz crapped out on offense after the first quarter and never got close the rest of the way.

The Ws were led by CJ Watson, someone who had averaged about 10 & 3 all season. He went off for 38 & 9 and went to the free-throw line 14 times, making them all. The other Jazz killer that night was Rob Kurz, he of the current Fort Wayne Mad Ants (he's actually putting up some nice numbers there). He went off for 21 points including 4 three-pointers.

The bad news for tonight is the CJ Watson will get the start for Monta Ellis who didn't make the trip.

Heck, the Ws were feeling so confident, even Ronnie Turiaf attempted a three.

This was the game that killed me and killed the season for the Jazz. In a must-have game, they couldn't pull it out.

I don't think they've forgotten and I don't think they'll let the Warriors get another one.