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The Downbeat - 4 March 2010 - #178 - The Please Not Larry Hughes Edition

Really? Larry Hughes is a candidate? I can't believe the Jazz would look at Hughes. First, another guard? Second, Larry Hughes? Really? The Larry Hughes that inspired this website?

March has entered like a meek little lamb for the Jazz. A loss to the Clippers started the month and now they'll face PHX tonight and LA again on Saturday.

Next Tuesday is when March turns into a Lion. They'll have 14 games in 23 days with no more than one day off. Only 6 of those 14 are at home.

The Jazz still though have a very favorable schedule and should they pull out of the funk they're in, they will be in good shape. Maybe someone can hit a game-winner tonight? Jeffers won't play tonight, or probably much any other night, maybe it's the KOOF's turn to step things up?

Great post from clarkpojo on why Sloan doesn't need a COY and why we should be grateful to have him,

But now I am going to change gears and tell you why coach Sloan is one of the best at what he does, even if he may never get the recognition. I have to defend Jerry. Jazz fans don't realize how good they have it. In fact, Jazz fans these days will call for Jerry Sloan's dismissal before they praise him. Of all the scapegoats Jazz fans conjure up for the Jazz's lack of a title, Sloan is probably number one with a bullet these days. But the truth of the matter is that coach Sloan rarely underachieves with his teams. He only had the best team in the NBA one season and that team came within minutes of winning it all, before the greatest of all time snatched away from them.

Man, an article about breaking the 30-assists in a game record and not having Paul or Deron on that list? Is he trying to bring the anonymous internet fury on his head? Here's his top 5,

1. Rajon Rondo
2. Steve Nash
3. Russell Westbrook
4. Brandon Jennings
5. Jason Kidd

Not doubting any ability on the part of those listed, I think you have to take a team's pace into account. So right off I think you drop Rondo and Kidd as their teams play at slower paces. Possessions are important. I don't think Jennings has enough around him to do it. Chris Paul doesn't have the players and he plays in a slower paced offense.

That puts Nash in the top spot because PHX plays at a very high pace and well, it's Steve Nash. I would put Billups up there but he shoots a little more often than not. Deron has had several 20+ assist games and the Jazz are a bit above average on pace. The thing that hurts him is that everyone in the Jazz offense can get the assist. Westbrook is up there as well. I would also put Jameer Nelson on the list because of their offense. And you couldn't count out Mo Williams. So here's my top PGs likely to break the 30 assist mark,

  1. Steve Nash
  2. Deron Williams
  3. Russell Westbrook
  4. Chris Paul
  5. Chauncey Billups
  6. Jameer Nelson
  7. Mo Williams.

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