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Game Thread - Los Angeles Clippers @ Utah Jazz

If the Jazz aren't motivated to get out to a quick start in this game, I don't know what else will. They got embarrassed by LA in their last meeting. It shouldn't have come down to needing a couple of free throws to tie things up.

Over the past 15 games going back to February 1st, I saw about 3-5 games where they got out to good starts in the first quarter. While it's nice to see that they can come back if the need to, it should be the exception and not the rule.

Maybe I'm being a bit nitpicky since they've gone 11-4 over that same span but they've trailed after the first quarter in 10 of those 15 games. The good news is that they get better as the game goes on but the fact that it take them so long to get going is odd.

Maybe they should head over the the practice facility and play a quarter of scrimmage ball before heading to the ESA?

All that said, I expect them to come out tonight and get things done early. They'll have a bit of revenge motivation but it feels like a classic dominating home game. They need this win before heading out on their four-game eastern roadie.

The Clippers will likely be without Eric Gordon tonight according to Locke. Fesenko is the latest to come down with a stomach virus and so he'll be out as well.

I'm hoping for a night of a dominant Jazz basketball and praying that the first shot attempts is a dunk or layup.