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The Downbeat - 8 March 2010 - #180 - The Terrible Case Of The Mondays Edition

 Lot's of delicious nuggets from Monson's conversation with Kevin O'Connor though it does just look like he copied his notes directly into his article. It ranges from those "Sons a bitches" Lakers to the Blazers offering a contract to Millsap, to other trade talk. The biggest part I think though was his talk about trading for a $20M player,

To illustrate the complexity of getting any substantive trade done, O'Connor said the Jazz attempted a few years ago to nail down a $20 million deal for a top-tier player. Both teams were game, but the financials didn't match up by a small margin and the trade was doomed.

I'm assuming he meant $20M/year player given that he states it was a top-tier player.  That said, there's a lot of speculation as to who it could have been.  I would think AK would have been part of the package given his contract.  But given the deal, it might not be hard to narrow it down a bit.  Any ideas?

  There was a winner in the guess Deron's stats winner, but I haven't been able to track down the top three.  The top person was very, very close to all of the stats though.  Hopefully we'll have that this week.  You know, because I'm sure everyone is anxious to find out.

  20 games left in the regular season, give me your W/L prediction.

  Now that Memo's had a couple of great games, what do we do with him?  Obviously he's not going anywhere this season.

He's got two more years after this left on his deal.  Is he going to be consistent for the rest of the season and for the next couple of years?  

It's a hard place to be in because if you want to trade him, we need him to play well.  But if he's playing well, why would you want to trade?

Recent success notwithstanding, I'm waiting for another 5-6 games before Memo is back.
  SLC Dunk night out is still a go.  I'm putting together the top nights that you voted on and will get a new list to vote on shortly.