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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Chicago Bulls

Though the Bulls have been one of the better teams in the league defensively, they haven't been recently giving up 100+ points for 7 straight games. They're going to be without Joakim Noah for the foreseeable future which doesn't bode well for them.

Carlos Boozer and Paul Millsap abused the Bulls in their last game. Boozer was near-perfect from the floor going 12-14 and ended up with 28 points. Millsap was 6-8 for 12 points. Boozer finished with 8 rebounds and Paul had 9. With Noah out, there's no reason we shouldn't see dominance in the paint tonight.

Deron didn't have a bad game himself going for 21 & 6 in comparison to Rose's 19 & 2.

The Bulls have struggled on the offensive end for most of the season though that's changed a bit recently as well. They have a lot of capable scorers, it just seems to be consistency that's the issue. January-March has seen them put up about 102 points a game. The Jazz will need some good rotations on their guards tonight.

Look for big games from the front court for the Jazz. If they can keep Rose and Deng (likely to play despite a flu bug) in check, we should be in good shape.