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The Downbeat - 14 April 2010 - #207 - The Highly Likely Editon

1_medium So, it's come down to this. One game with a shot at the 2 or 3 seed and a chance to fall to the 5th seed. In one of Seinfeld's stand-up routines, someone asks him which Seinfeld episode was his favorite. He replied that all of them were kind of his babies but then stated that for a comedian asking him which one is his favorite is like asking you what your favorite breath of air is. It's the one that gets you to the next one.

Substitute favorite with biggest and that's what you have for Jazz games over the past few weeks. What's the biggest game? Well, it's the one we're playing right now that will get us to the next one.

The Jazz had to get help last night from Phoenix so it's nice to be able to decide their own fate once again.

If OKC wins tonight at home against the Grizzlies, the west will have all 8 playoff teams with at least 50 wins. It happened in 2008 as well and almost happened again last year with the Jazz and Hornets checking in with 49 and 48 wins respectively.

It's crazy that it's going to require 50+ wins to make the playoffs. If you were in the mid-40s before, you used to have a shot. It doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon either.

On the other hand, we might have 8 teams with 50+ wins but the champ this year will likely come out of the eastern conference.

This will probably be the biggest game of Millsap's career to date in terms of importance. Though we don't know for sure yet and probably won't know until at least this morning's practice, I'm guessing Boozer won't play tonight. He's having an MRI this morning according to Siler. A trained rib muscle though impacts just about everything he does.

If he does sit out this game, that puts Millsap on Amar'e and it will be up to him to contain the beast. Stoudemire is averaging just over 27 points a game over the last two months and is shooting nearly 60% this month. Foul calls are going to be huge tonight as Millsap's backup will likely be the KOOF.

The good news for tonight? Memo will be going up against none other than Jarron Collins, the only person slower than Memo right now.

Late night last night so I didn't watch the game until late and didn't get a recap up on it. I will not be missing tonight's game that's for sure.

But I would be remiss if I didn't mention Millsap's career-high 25 24 rebounds last night. Just a monster. The team had 61 total rebounds, their most since 2001. The stats from only go back to 86-87, but it looks like the 61 rebounds are the most by a Jazz team on the road. It would be hard to see too many games prior to that with the Jazz having that many rebounds.

Once again, the stats I have only go back to 86-87, but those 25 24 rebounds are only matched beaten by Mark Eaton's 25, who did it twice. Karl Malone's high is 23.

Let's hope he's got some of that for tonight.

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