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The Downbeat - 15 April 2009 - #208 - The Season Has Been Taxing Edition

1_medium Kyle Korver is your new all-time, single-season, three-point shooting percentage leader with 53.64%. That would have tasted a little bit better this morning if we were coming off a win last night. Still, that's quite an accomplishment and no doubt his shooting got us to where we even had a chance at the two seed.

I'll have some more season-ending stuff when the season, you know, ends, but here's another good stat from moni,

Wesley Matthews became only the third rookie of the Sloan Era to break the 2,000-minute barrier. He was one of only two Jazz players that played in all 82 games this year (the other being Sap), and averaged 25 MPG for 2,025 total.

I thought it was a fitting tribute to Larry H Miller last night. I wonder what made them move the jersey between Stockton and Hornacek instead of where it looked like it was going, between Stockton and Malone.

Renaming the court after him is a great touch. I'm still of the idea of lowering the stadium seating count by 1. I think that idea was originally thought up by someone that emailed Siler/Luhm after he passed. Will announcers and other media reference the court name though? There are a couple of football stadiums that reference the field name as well but will we hear Locke/Boler say, "We're here at Larry H Miller Court of Energy Solutions Arena?"

Finally, I hope the Jazz nominate him for the Basketball Hall of Fame.

John Stockton interview talking about Larry H Miller. Dare I say that Stockton looks like he might finally be aging? Just a bit?

I didn't even look at the box score last night but this morning I heard the Deron had 24 points. What the what? I could have sworn he was around 16 or so. I guess I missed all of his trips to the free-throw line.

I don't know if he's just run out of gas or what but these last two games have not been good for the ninja. Ninjas are suppose to be good as disappearing but only after they've done their damage.

Thursday poll,