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Memo done for the season . . .

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Mehmet Okur is done for the season, and even for the world championships. This really sucks. Especially since the guys on the roster who are physically the most sensible people to replace his efforts are the least likely individuals to a) be ready for playoff minutes, and b) to actually get playing time.Worse still, on the individual level, is the fact that I'm going to get end this blogging season sounding like a broken record. I'm already the "crazy Fes guy" in Jazz circles. A guy on twitter even (jokingly, I hope) ask if I was his girlfriend.

What's the point of drafting bigs if you never let them play enough - so that when something bad like this happens, they could actually be even a marginal return on the initial investment?

Be sure to pour out a little Dimes for Memo, Jazz fans. Pour out some for the Jazz season, as logically -- this is something our team can't overcome. 

[Note by Basketball John, 04/18/10 2:30 PM MDT ] I'm appending BC7's FanPost to this


The reports are starting to trickle out now from Denver that Mehmet Okur has ruptured his achilles tendon and will be out 6-9 months. Such a devastating injury both personally for Okur, and for the Jazz as a team. 

This is the same injury that soccer player David Beckham suffered last year which many were calling a career threatening injury. 

According to reports that I read Memo had a numbing injection in his achilles before Game 1 last night. As much as we as fans love to see players try to tough it out and play through injuries, this does go to show that it always isn't the smartest move.

Memo is headed back to SLC today and will undergo surgery in the next day or so. 

What does this do for Fesenko, and the Koof? Not only will they probably need to step up their games against Denver, but one of them potentially will be the starting center for the first few months of next season. Hopefully a silver lining out of all this will be how hard they work this summer to come back as a difference maker next year.

Here's to the team rallying around Memo's injury and stepping up their game in the playoffs!

I'm adding this tweet from Siler,


A lot about this sucks but even more so because Memo stated himself that had this not been the playoffs, he would have been resting it for a few weeks. Yet he came back for the Phoenix game and was the only one that played well in a losing cause.

He really was putting his long-term health on the line for the team.  I don't know what more you can ask from a player/teammate.

My medical expertise is zero, but knowing a couple of people that have ruptured their Achilles, they're walking again in about 9 months but both have told me it's been well over a year before they were really pain free and comfortable again.

Let's hope Money can recover fully from this.