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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Denver Nuggets, Game 2, 2010 NBA Playoffs

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So here's the game plan. Win on the road in a hostile environment. Stop/slow Carmelo. Don't let JR Smith shoot. Be near perfect on offense. Oh, be without your third-leading scorer and without your x-factor.

No biggie.

A couple of great tweets from Siler,

Cool scene from the Jazz locker room before Game 2 with Matt Harpring in a suit giving Wesley Matthews a Carmelo tutorial. They went back and forth for 10 minutes or so, with Harpring offering pointers on Carmelo's moves and Matthews sticking a hand in his face.

He didn't mention if he schooled him smack talk or not.

I hope we see a highly emotional, yet in control Jazz team playing for Memo. Of course the Nuggets have George Karl on their minds. I the Jazz can draw on that for 48 minutes tonight.