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The Downbeat - 2 April 2010 - #199 - The 199 DBs On The Wall Edition

1_medium Hopefully we'll finish with the 2 spot but just in case, let's hit on how we've done in the past as the 2 seed.

Going back to 1990, we've had that spot twice, once in 1992 and once in 2000. Since we don't have a championship in Utah yet, we know both of those years ended in a loss at some point.

In 1992, the Jazz snuck by the Clippers in the first round, 3-2. They then took out the Sonics 4 games to 1 in the semi-finals. They fell to the top-seeded Trail Blazers of course in the WCF, 4-2. So having home-court was a big factor that year.

Eight years later, the Jazz would have the number 2 seed again. Of course, they also had the 1 seed a couple times in that gap where they went to the finals. But in 2000 they once again relied on HCA to take care of the Sonics in the first round. However, they fell to the Blazers again in the semis that year. The Jazz were the 2-seed as they were the division winner. Portland though had the better record when the teams met in the second round. The Jazz were dispatched 4 games to 1 that year.

So if the Jazz manage to hold on to the 2 seed this season, let's hope we don't face Portland :) . Actually, they would be a good matchup this season and according to the most recent poll, that's who most of you want to see. Having to two seed and the top record would be the biggest factor for the Jazz getting to the WCF this season


  Sad news about Kirk Snyder.  He was convicted of burglary and assault and could be going to prison for a long time.  The defense used the insanity defense and even had witnesses saying that he was off his medication and acting crazy before the incident.

You wonder how these things happen to people that seemingly have so much going for them because they're a professional athlete.  It shows just how human these guys are.

  So what are you expecting from tonight's game from the Jazz?  Is it just enough to go in there and be competitive?  Despite their recent struggles, the Lakers are still amongst the best at home and have had our number for a long time.  Our last win there was in 2006 with Keith McLeodThey also won there with the 26-win 2005 team. 

However, Kobe didn't play in either of those game.  In fact, the last game the Jazz won in LA with Kobe playing was almost 10 years ago.  And in the playoffs, the Jazz haven't won there since they took out the Lakers in 1998.

So, a win would be huge on several fronts.  One, it would keep us in the 2 spot.  Two, it would be a huge confidence booster to the team heading into the playoffs.  Three, we wouldn't have to talk about not winning in LA recently.

If they lose though, it's not the end of the world.  If they're going to win though, they're going to need four good quarter and not start out in a huge hole.  Oh, and avoiding a six-point fourth quarter would probably help.

  I could watch this all day. Deron also got the top assist of last month. Though it should have been given to AK as well.

A great supplemental article on to Yucca Man's great post.  My favorite line from Sloan, "What are you gonna do, cry about it?"