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Game Thread - Denver Nuggets @ Utah Jazz - Game 3

Pivotal, huge, series-changing. This game is all of the above. The Jazz were able to grab home-court away from the Nuggets with that game 2 win so long ago.

That win is all for naught if the Jazz can't take care of business at home. Playing at the ESA give the Jazz z huge advantage to be sure, but we've seen a Billupsless and Meloless team come into Utah and beat the Jazz once and give them a run the second time.

We may get into another shootout tonight so the Jazz are going to have to limit Nuggets' possessions by grabbing defensive boards and not turning the ball over.

We're also going to have to have ninja along with everyone else playing well. The offense is going to be there as Denver hasn't shown they can stop it yet, there's just going to have to be a lot of smart decisions tonight.

Above all, I expect the ESA to be thumpin'. Last night's Thunder/Lakers game had a recorded 109 decibels. I'd like to see if they measure decibels at the ESA.