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The Downbeat - 27 April 2010 - #216 - The Linky Linky Edition

1_medium This is a great find by moni. Seriously? Should just go with this as well. Also, has heard of thumbnails? Also, I think there might be some copyright infringement going on with this title.

Steve Luhm gives his all-Jazz playoff teams. His first team is right on. I would have moved up AK and Dantley to the second team though and take Memo over Carr.

Can you guess what player is being talked about here?

The thing about [this player] is that he's almost a mirror image of his coach in that all he does is compete hard and get the job done. There's not a whole lot of style but an immense about of substance to his game and he probably doesn't get the credit he deserves.

Even though when I read this it has his name in there, immediately I thought of John Stockton and all of the comparisons he got to Sloan.

Of course this being more recent, he's talking about Deron. I wonder if he's looking at the box scores and reading the recaps because his "there's not a whole lot of style" comment shows that he either doesn't watch Deron play or that he's a fan of the two-handed chest pass.

There was a dull uproar when JR Smith tweeted this,

You play selfish you lose selfish that's all I'm saying about the game!

Maybe he's just talking about himself? He has the third-most field goal attempts behind Billups and Anthony. Billups is shooting 45% while Melo is shooting neearly 53%.

Smith though is shooting just 34% from the field and 30% from the three-point line. Since game 1 where he shot 4/10 from the arc, he's just 3/13 (23%).

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