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Ridiculous enough that it needed its' own post

What you say!! - from the "All your base are belong to us" meme.
What you say!! - from the "All your base are belong to us" meme.

No doubt you've read some of the stuff that the media is pushing on the Denver-Utah series, right? Playing the Nuggets off as victims, suggesting that the refs are hard on them, and even going so far as to write about exactly what plays hurt the Jazz the most -- with the hopes that the Nuggets run these plays in games. Let's not forget that these aren't Denver newspapers I'm talking about, but ESPN and supposedly neutral NBA News blogs.

Only in David Stern's NBA could a team that:

  • is coached by the Rodney Dangerfield of coaches (Jerry Sloan) - a guy who is always overlooked by the flash in the pan, young coach on some random team
  • is headlined by a guy (Deron Williams) who has been overlooked all his life that he was not even regarded as the best player on his high school team
  • is supported by a starter (Carlos Boozer) who is called a mercenary all year long and is playing his best basketball when it counts
  • had to trade away a starter (Ronnie Brewer), their veteran leader (Matt Harpring) and promising 1st round draft pick (Eric Maynor) for financial reasons (like this team was run by a poor farmer who owed money to greedy bankers)
  • had to deal with crazy injuries all season, including the loss of their best all-around defender for (essentially) the last month of the action (Andrei Kirilenko) and now having to face one of the best scorers in the NBA in the 1st round (Carmelo Anthony) without him
  • had their starting center (Mehmet Okur) play through an injury only to injure himself worse in the first half of Game 1 - now out of action for the entire summer (while a huge international tournament is going to be held in his country, and he's that team's biggest star - and now can't play)
  • was forced into starting an undrafted rookie (Wes Matthews)
  • was forced into running a skeleton crew for the NBA playoffs including prime time minutes for young guys who were either never producing consistently (C.J. Miles) or never got a chance to produce (Kyrylo Fesenko)
  • and is the G-D UNDERDOG in this playoff series by not having home court (despite running up a 3-1 lead)

. . . be spinned into the "BAD GUYS" in this story.