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Utah Jazz Strategy vs. The Lakers

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I'm not happy about this loss. I did not think that the Jazz would win -- but I did hope that the Jazz might have the gall to come out there on the Lakers home court and try to take the lead at some point during the 2nd half. Alas, they did not. I'm quite outspoken about why the Jazz just seem to have fits against the Lakers - Utah is always *right there* at certain points of the game; but it just ends up being a difference of inches. Specifically the height and length of the Lakers that kill our passing lanes (causing turn overs), make it hard for our undersized bigs to get good shots off (case in point: Boozer's career vs the Lakers), and are just too damn big to defend in the paint in single coverage with guys who are the size of other teams' small forwards and shooting guards. (Durant, btw, is only one inch shorter than the Jazz starting center)

Through all my sleuth work, and the decision to be creative at 3 am while I wait for some damn batchleorette party to finish, I seem to have uncovered the root of the problem.

[EDIT:SB Nation resizes the image, so you can't read any of the witty comments -- for the *real* full-sized click here]