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The Downbeat - 30 April 2010 - #219 - The Calm Before The Storm Edition

1_medium  If you're heading to the game tonight and need a target or an idea for a sign, how about this tweet from Ty Lawson,



If you don't have tickets to tonight's game, you can win some 11th row, lower-bowl tickets from Kyle Korver.  You just have to buy one of his shirts that's going towards his charity.  Here's the info on Facebook.

I'm not worried about Korver tonight.  In fact I think he will be key.  He was shooting lights out before games 4 & 5.  We knew he'd come back down a bit but I don't think anyone expected his 0-fer.

While we were still in it late in the game, had Korver made a couple of those, it could have changed the complexion of the game as the Jazz could have built a bit of a bigger lead than what they had going in at the half.

The only weird thing is that he is one of the only guys to shoot better on the road than at home.  That's been the case in this series shooting 40% at home and 47% at Denver.  He's 1 for his last 11.

A series is still kind of a small sample size but I think we get Korgasm back tonight.

   I know I can't completely put your mind (or mine for that matter) at ease for tonight's game but here's something that might help,

"He's as good as it gets,'' Nuggets point guard Chauncey Billups said at shootaround prior to Game 5 in Denver. "He can do everything. He really doesn't have any weaknesses. I think that's the ultimate compliment that you can pay to a player is to say that he doesn't have any weaknesses, and I think he's reached that point now.''

I don't think Deron Williams lets this team lose tonight.  We all know of his competitive nature that makes him the athlete that he is today.  He really has taken things to another level.  We see his gaudy numbers (scroll to the bottom) from this series.  It's possible to get big numbers and for them not to have much of an impact on the game.

However, he's been the most efficient player in this series with his shots and passes.  He's been getting to the line when he needs to and has done it numerous times when Denver starts to make a run.  I don't see his focus or his efficiency changing tonight.  The Nuggets have thrown everything they have at him and it hasn't made a difference.

While we'll need big contributions from everyone tonight,  Deron Williams will be the reason we win.

  There's a reason why I didn't want any part of San Antonio in the playoffs.  They took it to the Mavs last night to finish off that series last night.  The Mavs might have been overrated but the Spurs are in full playoff mode right now.  I really wish they could have played the Lakers in the first round and taken them out.

That Suns/Spurs series could be one for the ages.