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Game Thread - Denver Nuggets @ Utah Jazz - Game 6

I don't know how professional athletes do it. Here I am an hour before tip-off sick to my stomach. So I don't know how athletes must feel. I guess they're used to it but as a fan you never do.

Of course it's game 6 with the Jazz having a good chance at closing out the Nuggets. Many picked them to win in 6 or 7 games or even make it to the WCF. That of course was before Memo went down in game 1. When that happened, everyone was suddenly wishing for a re-pick. I thought the series would go 7 before Memo got hurt and I have to admit that a 5 or 6-game series in Denver's favor was likely without him.

The Jazz seemed to rally around being short-handed and have played some inspired ball. They haven't gotten the stops they've needed in games and have had the offense sputter at times but overall they're playing well above expectations right now. However, Arnovitz makes the case that they're not underdogs at all with the way Deron has been playing.

They're favored to win tonight and should be given that it's at the ESA. The Nuggets have yet to show that they can stop the Jazz on offense. I guess you could say the same about the Jazz on Denver though too.

So here's what we'll be looking for tonight for the Jazz to win. One, they have to avoid getting in the penalty early. That killed them in the fourth quarter of game 5.

Next, they have to get the foul line themselves. This does a couple of things. Denver is a little thinner tonight with Nene out. Getting their bigs in foul trouble will help the Jazz dominate on the inside. Second, it controls the flow of the game. Billups said that if they're taking the ball out from the baseline all night they can't get out an run. I hope Deron gets double-digit attempts as well.

Finally, Millsap and Korver are going to have to have great games. Millsap has had a good series and should continue against Denver's second line. Korver will start hitting shots. He's going to have to get going himself though while not letting JR Smith get open.

And if all else fails, get it to the ninja.