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QuickCap - Nuggets Fulfill Their Destiny, Lose Game 6 And Series To The Jazz

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Some quick thoughts for some post-game discussion


  • Jazz in 6.  I knew some predicted it, but how many expected it after Memo went down?
  • Where does this playoff series rank in recent years?  Better than the two Houston series?
  • The three-headed monster of the night was Matthews, Millsap, and Boozer.  Monster games by all of them.
  • Matthews 13-15 from the line.  Wow.  One fat stuff on Melo.
  • Boozer 22 & 20 and 5 pretty assists.
  • Millsap with 21 & 11 and three huge blocks, two of those on Melo.  Many AND-1s.
  • Price filled in admirably for Deron went he went out with foul trouble.  No assists but shot the ball well.
  • Korver 3-7, but hey, he hit some.
  • Melo 6-22 from the field.  We needed that.  Credit Matthews and Miles.
  • Chauncey almost pulled it out for the Nuggets with 30 points.  He missed some big shots down the stretch.
  • Fess, not your best outing.  Make sure not to eat anything before the next game.  You have to go up against two big men.
  • Free throws, or lack of them, almost killed us.  16 missed FTs.
  • AK coming back soon!
  • Bring on LA..., right?