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The Downbeat - 5 April 2010 - #200 - The Bicendunkial Edition

1_medium  Karl Malone making the HOF officially isn't the story to me, it's ESPN deciding to put him in a Lakers uniform for their story.

Oh, and thanks for putting it under ESPN Chicago.  I realize that Scottie Pippen is mentioned as well, but make sure to update it with a picture of the push-off as well.

In case you're counting at home, that's three years in a row with the Jazz getting someone selected for the basketball HOF.  I'm still wondering if the Jazz will or have tried to nominate Larry H Miller.  Could we see four?

We're not going to see another HOF selection for the Jazz for a long time, so enjoy this last one for a while.

5 games left.  4 teams 5 games back of LA (not that it pertains to this section of the DB, it just had the #5 in it).  Strangely enough, there won't be any game on 4/5.

Is there anybody though that you want to see in the first round at this point?  I think there are certain matchups that are probably better for the Jazz but everyone is playing really, really well right now.  I mean the Spurs just took out the Lakers in LA last night.  Manu has been playing like old Manu.  Maybe it's just the power of the bald spot.  I mean, Deron was the only one that showed up against the Lakers.  Maybe that's another case for playing the KOOF?  Anyway, in a perfect world, either the Spurs would fall to the 8th spot or move up to the 4/5 seed and take out the Lakers for everyone.

Phoenix just had their 10-game winning streak snapped by the Bucks (sad news about Bogut).  The Thunder have been on a tear.  Portland is 8-2 over their last 10.  Denver, despite struggling lately, is always a threat.

It's cliche, but you really do have to just take care of your own business.  They should be favored to win the rest of their games.  I have to think that Dallas and Denver lose at least once down the stretch.  Denver has a tough schedule and Dallas' schedule isn't anything to sneeze at. 

Let's put it this way, I would take our remaining schedule over any of the others' in the west.

  So, 200 downbeats.   I guess there should be some sort of celebration but I feel like when they mention so and so has 5,000 assists.  Wake me when they get to 15,000.  So while there really isn't a bar set, When we get close to 1,000 (which should be in about 3.75 years (October 2013 or so), we'll party then.

In the meantime, as the DB was conceived in the off-season, we'll continue through the off-season.  There should be quite a bit to talk about with the draft, the Revue (hopefully), free agency, the World Championships, etc.  There might be a lot more frivolous stuff, but it will be here.

  Is it too late in the season to throw Fesenko out there right now?  You all have made some good arguments for playing Fess more and for not playing him.  My question is, at this point, is he going to be able to make a meaningful contribution for the playoffs?  

First, can you make the case that he should be getting PT over Boozer, Memo and Millsap?  If so, and there might be a case for it, do you risk some potential late-season ego-bruising if he's getting in over them?  He's typically only getting in if there's foul trouble or if it's in a blowout game.

His numbers are a bit down this season with the same amount of minutes.  Will he be given a bigger role next season with Boozer possibly gone?  Given that he still hasn't been re-signed for next season, it will be interesting to see if we see Fess back next season.

  That Korver, despite playing just 7 minutes against LA, remains so hot right now.  How hot?  Here's the NBA's Hot Zones on him


And here was his last one


Looks like it's time to get rid of that left-elbow jumper play.