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The Downbeat - 6 April 2010 - #201 - The Ambitious Edition

1_medium Wasn't that a great game last night?  I mean, the way that Butler player turned in his uniform for a suit and almost coached them to a national title win?  That kind of stuff normally happens at halftime in the movies.  Man, they could make a movie of that guy.

  Speaking of movies, it looks like we're going to be seeing Paul Millsap's story to the NBA brought to life on the big screen.  Danny Trejo, the creepy guy from a lot of movies, is going to produce it and it looks like shooting is going to happen later this year.  It's going to be called Ambition for now and will show Paul's story along with his Uncle/Agent, DeAngelo Simmons.  I couldn't find anything on IMDB yet so I imagine that it's still in the early, early phases.

So, will we see a cameo from Millsap?  Can we change the title to Millslapped?  Shouldn't we get a cameo from Karl Malone as well?  He's done movies.  Too bad he couldn't play Millsap.

Remember a couple of seasons ago when Chris Paul had 199 assists in March and ESPN was falling all over themselves saying how close he got to 200 assists in a month and how great that was?  And then remember how it came out that Deron had 212 that same month and ESPN pulled that?  Yeah, that was awesome.  Not to mention that Nash had 200+ in December of that season.

Well, Deron had 207 assists last month in 17 games (12.2 APG).  In March of 2008 he got those 212 in just 16 games.  March has been the best month of his career for assists per game

October   3 24.3 3.7 10
November  66 16.4 3.3 8.3
December  74 16.5 3.2 8.2
January  70 16.1 2.7 8.6
February  53 17.4 3.4 9.6
March  79 17.1 3.1 10.4
April  36 15.4 2.7 9

Siler reported that the Jazz are going to start up a campaign to get Deron selected for the NBA first team.  I couldn't find anything as to whether the votes are split by positions or not but according to past results, I believe that they are.

If that's the case, you're probably looking at Howard at C, LeBron at F, Carmelo or Dirk at the other F, and Kobe at one of the guard spots.  That leaves I'm guessing Steve Nash and Deron for the PG spot.  Right now, they're as close as you could get stat-wise.  Nash has 16.6, 11, and 2.9 boards a game while Deron has 18.4, 10.6, and 3.4.  Their per 36 number are even closer with Nash pulling away a bit in assists.

Steve also has better shooting percentages across the board while Deron is a better defender.  You can't even look at the team wins because they're tied right now. 

I don't know when the writers and broadcasters vote, but it could be that the last game of the season when Phoenix is at Utah could decide seeding and maybe votes.

Man, it's good to have the Jazz back on tonight.  Three days is a little much in the middle of the season.  The only other games tonight that impact the Jazz are the Spurs/Kings and Celtics/Knicks.  The Spurs are playing well right now and Manu has found the 2008 time machine.  San Antonio is just 2 1/2 back right now and would leap the Thunder for the time being with a win and a Thunder loss. 

That would put OKC as the 7th seed and a potential match-up for the Jazz. 

The Celtics have beaten the Knicks three times this season but have struggled in a couple of those.