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The Downbeat - 7 April 2010 - #202 - The Morning After The Thunderstorm Edition

1_medium  Sorry if this turns into an extended recap, but a game like that kind of needs one.

See, that game is exactly why I don't want to see the Thunder in the playoffs.  I guess Durant can only go down from his performance last night...  or will he?  That's the thing, I could see him doing this every game and that scares the crap out of me.  These guys, especially Durant, have no fear and I don't think that changes in the playoffs.

However, if that's our lot, this could be one of the greatest playoff series of all-time.

I couldn't find anything because I don't have the backing of Elias on stats, but is the 87 points put up by Deron and Durant the highest average for two players in a game this season?

Okay, after doing a bit of work, I found this game between the Knicks and Nuggets where Melo put up 50 and Harrington had 41 which is a bit more.

It's hard to say Durant and Deron went head-to-head because they the didn't defend each other except for a couple of switches.  This is the kind of game though that you only get from the stars of the league.

  In case you missed it, here's the play from New Year's where Millsap got called for a bogus loose ball foul.  It wasn't in the same vein as last night's no-call but shows that everyone gets jobbed from the refs even with the game on the line.

So the Jazz have just four games left for Korver to break the season record for three-point percentage.  He's at 55% right now.  He's averaging 2.1 attempts a game on the year with it being closer to 2.5 over the past month.

So he could get anywhere from 8-10 more attempts to close out the season.  That's assuming that he gets enough PT to launch 2 a game. 

He's 55/100 right now which means that if he went 0-10, he would end up an even 50%.  He would need to hit just 3 more, assuming he takes 10, to finish at .5272, just ahead of Steve Kerr's .5235.

  Finally, what a difference a year makes.  I can't count how many times I banged my head on the wall after each of last season's painful losses.  Granted those losses were to inferior teams but being able to pull one our like last night instead of being in a haze for weeks.  I could get used to this feeling.