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NBA Issues Statement Stating That A Foul Should Have Been Called On CJ Miles

Thanks to murderousmalone for the ht, from the Trib,

One day later, the NBA put a damper on the Jazz's overtime victory against Oklahoma City, issuing a statement Wednesday on behalf of league executive Joel Litvin that a foul should have been called on Kevin Durant's last-second three-point attempt.


"On the final play of last night's Oklahoma City-Utah game, the officials missed a foul committed by the Jazz's C.J. Miles on the Thunder's Kevin Durant during a three-point shot attempt," said Litvin, the NBA's president of league and basketball operations.

They also declared that because of that the Thunder would either get the a do-over or that the win would be split between the teams.  In addition, everyone would get a participation certificate just for showing up.

Mr. Litvin then excused himself from the conference call as he had 150 other missed calls from the night to issue statements on.

Ridiculous.  What's the point of this?  It wasn't a reviewable call.  It doesn't change the outcome of the game.  I would like to see what the new guidelines are when they will publicly comment on bad calls/non-calls.