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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Houston Rockets

What? We have another game? You mean last night wasn't game 7 of the Finals? Crap.

Tonight's game won't compare to the Thunder but it counts the same nonetheless. The Jazz and Thunder are likely to be running on empty going into the fourth tonight.

Big night in the association for the Jazz with other teams. New York is at Indiana. The Pacers are a game ahead of the Knicks right now so we need them to win to stay ahead of them.

The Grizzlies are at Dallas tonight. The Mavs have one 2 of 3 so far against them with one an OT win.

Portland heads to LA to face the Clippers

The Spurs and Suns play as well. The Jazz win here either way in a battle of attrition.

And the big game will be the Thunder at the Nuggets. I won't mention who we want to win this one but I think you know who it is.

Should be a lot of movement regardless of the outcomes tonight.