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The Dunkcast

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Maybe this should be the SLC Dunk logo
Maybe this should be the SLC Dunk logo

Your favorite SLC Dunk writers, now in stereo, or at least low-grade internet audio.

Here's your first, and possibly last, Dunkcast. We cover the Denver series and look ahead to the Lakers tomorrow. We even have a special guest that you'll want to stick around for.

A big thanks to clarkpojo, shums, and moni for for taking time out of their days to do this. They're all great. We were missing a couple of people that we'll have next time.

What was planned to be a 15-20 minutes ordeal turned into 45 minutes of some serious Jazz discussion. We learn what puts the pojo in clarkpojo, talk about the return of AK, and of course, #BoomBitches.

So please forgive the few technical difficulties, my "ums" and "sos," and bit of homerism. And thanks to the magic of Audacity, you'll never know how much I screwed up.

Intro music by The Oranges Band, "Ride the Nuclear Wave"

Download the Dunkcast here