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The Downbeat - 4 May 2010 - #221 - The Brotherly Love Edition

1_medium It looks like Paul's younger brother Eli will stay in the NBA draft.  He had declared for the draft but didn't sign with an agent yet.  He'll be repped by their uncle as well.  Here's what DraftExpress has on him,

Millsap definitely possesses physical attributes that will attract pro scouts, starting with his length and well built frame. Dubiously listed at 6-6, but packing a solid 210-pounds and a terrific wingspan, he has the strength necessary to absorb contact on his way to the rim while still finishing plays in addition to being able to post up same size or small backcourt players. He is a very good athlete on top of that, showing the willingness to take advantage of his tools as well. Where he will really benefit against pro level competition though is in his tremendous body control that he has exhibited on a regular basis this season.

Millsap’s offensive game is built around slashing to the basket at this point, something he does effectively against Conference USA-type competition. Millsap has decent ball-handling skills, exhibiting a low, controlled dribble that allows him to operate in traffic when attacking the basket in a straight line. His first step is quick enough that he can usually gain an edge against most college defenders, particularly when operating at the power forward position, where he currently finds the most success.

ESPN also has him with a 1.31 points per shot which is highly effective.  He's also a huge rebounder.

A follow-up on the Charles Boozer story yesterday.  It looks like he's going to leave Iowa State after his charge of assault,

In a new headache for Iowa State's new coach, reserve guard Charles Boozer said Monday that he will leave the team to seek treatment for unspecified problems after a woman told police he slapped and kicked her over the weekend.


A complaint accused Boozer of slapping the woman in the face, pushing her to the ground and kicking her in the side

According to the article he's going to finish the spring semester and finish college at a different school.

  It looks like Ty Corbin will be busy with coaching interviews.  He's on the list of candidates for the Hornet's opening,

With that as a backdrop, Avery Johnson, Doug Collins, Jeff Van Gundy, Lawrence Frank and Dwayne Casey would fill the bill. Current NBA assistants Tom Thibodeau, Tyrone Corbin, and Monty Williams are the next wave of candidates, according to league sources.

He'll have some competition for sure.  He's probably going to get an interview for the newly open position with the Bulls.  I would imagine that would be a prime spot for him given that we went to DePaul and the players he would have to work with, not to mention Chicago having a lot of cap space this summer.

Good luck to him.

  AK stated that he's a GTD for tonight's game and right now is about 50/50.  There's been a lot of talk assimilating him back in.  He's said that he would come off the bench.  I don't think there's going to be any disruptions with him back in.  First, he's been in the system for a decade.  He's going to give a boost to the team not only on the defensive side but with his passing and slashing abilities.

I hope he can go tonight but I'm not expecting it.

So maybe we should talk a minute about game 2 tonight. What should the team's expectations be?  Have we seen their best?  Have we seen the best of the Jazz?  I think no on both counts.

I wish we could have started game two immediately after the buzzer.  I've said before that I think the Jazz should play a scrimmage before the game just so they can get warmed up by and into a rhythm by the time the actual game gets going.  They were playing really well for the last three quarter save those last four minutes.

Would having Memo and AK have made a difference in the game?  There are too many variables to say for sure.  While having them definitely would have had a positive effect on the team, they probably still would have gotten off to the same start we normally see from them.

Bynum's tear seems to be bothering him a lot and I wish it's something we could exploit more with Fesenko.  Fess just has to make him work but the problem is that Fess isn't going to get the ball enough on offense to make a difference.   The other problem is that it's not Bynum that's hurting us so I don't know if it's worth the extra effort to take it to him.

If AK can't go tonight, I'm looking forward to how Matthews plays Kobe again.  It is still Kobe, but I don't think he hits the shots that he did in game 1.  He might have the same impact late but a lot of those shots with a hand in his face will stop going in.  Of course that usually means that Gasol gets the offensive boards.  I really do want to see Matthews tonight though on Bryant.

It doesn't seem like tonight's game will be the same.  It seems like one where the Jazz will either get blown out after giving the Lakers a scare or they'll find a way to sneak one out.