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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Lakers - Game 2

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Can't add much to what clark posted. I'll expand a little on the Gasol part and say that he's key to beating the Lakers. Great analysis, right? I hope the Jazz mix up their defense on him with doubles and help. I would also like to see a body on him when shots go up. I get tired of his offensive boards and tips.

Easier said than done but if we can slow him down significantly, the Jazz have another shot to win.

Of course it's going to take four quarters of good ball to get that done. I imagine they'll get off to a better start tonight but one poor quarter will probably cost them.

Finally, Deron had a good game on Sunday and is still banged up quite a bit. As good as he was in game 1 we still need him to take it up a notch.

Just win baby!