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The Downbeat - 11 June 2010 - #248 - The Massage Parlor Edition

  It looks like Deron wants Boozer to stay,

WILLIAMS RECRUITING: Carlos Boozer is getting the hard sell from the Jazz to stay put. From Deron Williams, especially. "All the time," Boozer said, when asked how often Williams tries to convince him to re-sign with Utah. He's still flying a bit under the superstar radar when it comes to the July 1 bonanza, but it seems like Boozer has spent more time talking about free agency than Wade, James and Bosh combined of late.

That's from the AP and I couldn't find the original source.

I wonder how frequently "all the time" is but I wonder how much pull Deron has with Boozer.  Just remember that last season it was a for sure thing that Boozer was going to be gone, either by opting out or getting traded.

  Moni explains why Mark Jackson will never be an NBA coach.  I would actually love to see him become a coach so that he could destroy a team.  Any of the NW division teams would be a good start

  Remember the whole Boozer/Prince fiasco?  Boozer was on the radio again (mp3, towards the end) and talked about Prince being a good tenant.  It looks like Prince made it into his own little love house (transcribed by Dan Sheldon),

He put a couple different pieces in the house. He made a couple of my guest rooms into like a massage room; a massage parlor kind of thing. He had some hair stuff in there but the good thing about Prince is that he has a lot of coin so he was able to change it all back before he moved out. He was a good tenant. He was just hard to get a hold of to figure out what they were doing to my house. He's a busy man.

Really, would you expect any less from Prince?  Let your imagination run wild as to what the "massage parlor kind of thing" was.

  The new Jazz logo will be announce next Tuesday, the 15th.  We'll be doing some giveaways with the new apparel courtesy of Fanzz.  Stay tuned for that on Tuesday.

  Epke Udoh may not be our man, though Siler reported that he might be on the short list for the Jazz, but after yesterday's interviews I would take him in a heartbeat over Whiteside.  I know nothing of how they worked out but mentally Udoh is light years ahead of Whiteside.  Udoh may be two years older physically but Whiteside seems to have bust written all over him.  That's a pretty harsh assessment to make from just two minutes of video. 

Chad Ford had this to say about him,

A number of teams reported to me that their interviews with Whiteside were rocky. I can understand why. In the 15 minutes or so I spent with him one-on-one he projected a confidence that bordered on naïve arrogance. He compared himself to everyone from Dwight Howard to Hakeem Olajuwon (with whom he spent a week training), complained about where I had him on my mock draft (No. 14 to the Rockets) and was insulted that our scouting report didn't have more on his 3-point shooting ability.

Whiteside clearly believes he has the stuff to be great ... but my interview with him was eerily similar to the one I had with Tyrus Thomas a few years ago. Thomas tried to convince me he was a perimeter player, complained he wasn't ranked No. 1 and generally seemed clueless about the rest of the players in the draft.

Check out the interviews below and tell me if you think any different.

Ekpe Udoh



Hassan Whiteside

Cole Aldrich