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Utah Jazz Return To Their Roots, Release New Logo


There's the final product. I think it looks fantastic. I wish it would have had Utah on but this is great. It's great to finally get rid of the mountain logo. Wait, what is this?


I thought once the note was back the mountain logo would be gone. I didn't mind the mountain logo but I looked at the revealing of the new note as a new starting point.

The thing I don't get with keeping the mountain logo is that the Jazz font doesn't match the new one. It's like it just changed its colors to fit in with the new school but looks out of place. I think the original one was designed with the colors in mind. This is just swapping them out to match the new scheme and it doesn't fit. As long as it's used in a minimal role, it'll be okay. It's definitely better than this,


My guess is that it might end up on the uniforms in some way, maybe at the tip of the V in the neckline or on the side of the shorts. I think the home unis are going to be fine, I worry a bit about the road uniforms though, specifically the alternates. We haven't done well with those,

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I know a lot didn't like the baby blues, I didn't mind them. I hate the black/rust ones though.

My last thought on this is that this is the end of uniform/logo changes. You have classic logos like the Celtics, Yankees, Dodgers, etc. You just don't change things when you have a good thing.

So despite the mocking we might receive for having the Utah Jazz as a name, the Jazz, and the logo, are entrenched now in the history of Utah and in the NBA. People say there is no Jazz in Utah. Well, we've had Jazz in Utah for over 30 years so I don't know what they're talking about.


After talking to someone much smarter than I am about the new logos and which one the Jazz will be using. While the new note logo will be considered the secondary logo, it will be featured more predominantly. The main reason behind this is because changing the primary logo officially for a team is very cost-prohibitive.

So to get around that, the Jazz announce the new note logo as the secondary logo. That is also why the mountain logo will be sticking around and why it got the color change as well. The example that was given to me was the Atalanta Hawks a few years back when they changed their logo. They still have the official primary logo but use the new one a lot more.

So don't worry, you'll be getting plenty of the new note.