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The Downbeat - 17 June 2010 - #252 - The Other Sports Team In Utah Edition

Good piece on Ronnie Price that UVU did for his induction into the Wolverine Hall of Fame.

Based on the feedback yesterday, it looks like we have enough interest for at least 2 teams for the Dodge Barrage, maybe three. We'll have a definite signup time when it gets officially announced. Last year it was the end of July when news came out. The cost last year was $400 for a team of 8-10. So it would be about $40 or $50 to join in.

So if we have one team of white Jazz players, any ideas for the second or even third team?

If you're looking at length in the draft, and the Jazz are, HP breaks down the players from the past two drafts and their (dis)proportionate wingspan. He calls those with shorter than expected arms Ts because look at the T. That name fits in well with clark's T-Rex comment about Memo. T-Rex couldn't be more fitting. Surprisingly though, Memo didn't make the list of NBA players with the lowest expected wingspan. I couldn't find any data on how long his arms are

Some names you might recognize from that list are Hassan Whiteside and Al-Farouq Aminu, both whom have worked out with the Jazz. They of course have huge wingspans.

Eric Maynor on the other hand is short about 4 inches. Not that it matters too much for a guard. You can check out all the wingspans at DraftExpress though they don't have too many Jazz players. One of note, Carlos Boozer is about 2.25 inches short of his expected wingspan.

So as you may know, and some may not care, the University of Utah will be joining the PAC-10 officially today.

In Utah sports history, it's being compared to the Olympics and the Jazz coming to Utah. I'm putting it right behind those two things.

I was barely out of diapers when the Jazz moved to Utah and I didn't really start following the Jazz, or sports for that matter, until the late 80s. The impact of having a professional franchise land in a small-market like Salt Lake/Utah affects almost every aspect of the local environment. The local economy is the first and biggest impact. The Jazz now permeate nearly everything in the local culture.

The Olympics put Utah on the world stage though most are probably hard-pressed to find Utah on a map. Utah has been, and will probably be reference in every winter games since then.

So what impact, if any, does the Utes moving to the PAC-10 have on the Jazz? Does having that extra prestige help recruit FAs? If there are some FAs that are from one of the PAC-10 schools, does knowing that they can see their alma mater play in the SLC help? What if they're not from a PAC-10 school, does being able to see USC, UCLA, and the other teams become marketable?

In addition, if the Utes can start attracting some bigger names in basketball, do the Jazz get some higher quality players for training camps?

This is an obivous home run for the Utes and I don't know if we'll know the impact on the Jazz for a while, but there will be some good things that come out of this.

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