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The Downbeat - 18 June 2010 - #253 - The Dearth Edition

In the SLC tomorrow for workouts are Ed Davis and Kim Tillie.

Davis is the last of the bigs on their list to visit. From DraftExpress it sounds like he's going to be a 2-3 year project at least, mainly on the offensive side. Check out this statement,

Facing the basket, Davis has a long ways to go, as his ball-handling skills are close to non-existent and he lacks significant range on his jump-shot. He's taken only four jumpers all season long according to Synergy Sports Technology, and you can tell why for the most part when looking at the ones he did attempt.

He's going to take a while to develop offensively.

Some of his strengths listed are his his rebounding, wingspan, and shot-blocking capabilities. As we all know, that's something that is desperately needed on this team.

He will likely be there when the Jazz pick at #9 but I don't know if he's going to be the impact type of player the Jazz are going to need.

Ed Davis Twitter

Kim Tillie played PF at the U. Other than that, I don't know why he's getting a workout today.

If your team is no longer in the playoffs, you normally just want to watch good basketball. You want tight games, big shots, and root for the underdogs.

However it was hard watching the Lakers and Celtics play despite the amazing series between the two teams.I don't have anywhere near the hate for Boston as I do for LA but rooting for the lesser of two evils is never fun.

It's like a bad reality show where someone is going to win a million dollars and you have to decide between two guys who wins it. One guy says that he loves walking down the street and kicking puppies he finds along the way. The other guy is known to drive up the left lane passing cars on the right that are in line because the lanes are merging ahead and cuts off someone at the front of the merge. How do you decide?

That said, the season is officially over and we turn our attention to the next.

Oh yeah, Vujacic and Adam Morrison have now won multiple NBA championships. Excuse me, I have something coming up in my mouth.

Have I mentioned how dearth Utah Jazz information is in the off-season? Let this be an example.

The Fanzz contest starts today. Look for detail around noon.

Friday poll,