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Reaching for answers thru ESPN articles

There is a fascinating read over on ESPN this morning where one member of each team was asked to provide a hypothetical draft pick for each team in the first round. After the player made the pick, ESPN draft expert Chad Ford, weighed in on the decision. For those of you who aren't ESPN insiders, I will highlight two interesting portions of the piece. First was that the Jazz representative was Kyle Korver. And here is who he picked and what his reasoning was:

"Ekpe Udoh- Regardless of what happens with Carlos Boozer, we need a guy who can step in and block shots. Ekpe is one of the best in the draft (3.7 bpg, fifth in NCAA) and hopefully he'll be able to be molded into Coach Sloan's system."

Why was Kyle Korver chosen to represent the Jazz? I don't know. Maybe no one else would return ESPN's phone calls. But his use of "we" in that paragraph is interesting. I am not saying it is proof that Kyle Korver would like to be back with the Jazz, but it does show that he is at least strongly considering it. You don't represent the Jazz and say what "we" need unless you still feel a part of the team. I just found that interesting. I still wish ESPN could have convinced Carlos Boozer to make the pick, so we could have heard this:

"Gordon Hayward- The Jazz want to find my replacement with the number 9 pick. But I'm a starter. Period. You don't find a starter as good as me with no number 9 pick in the draft."

My version of Boozer also sounds a lot like Karl Malone.

The other thing that was funny was Zach Randolph's pick and reasoning for the Grizzlies.

"Xavier Henry- "That Henry is real nice. But he played only one year in college, so he's got a lot to learn."

Thanks for that insight, Zach. But not every person who only plays one year of college needs ten years to figure out the pro game like you needed.