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Draft Eve: Rumor Mongering

The draft is less than 24 hours away. Rumors are flying left, right, north, south, up, down, east, west and every direction in between. While the Jazz haven't been included in many of the rumors, there are implications that could impact the Jazz, either in the draft or later on (free agency, or the season).

I figure, instead of just filling up the FanShots with rumor after rumor, we might as well just post them all (and corresponding thoughts here). Feel free to post anything you hear (with links or something, if you can) in the comments below.

To start with, it seems like the Nets are focusing back on Derrick Favors at #3. This means no Wesley Johnson there (of course, since you can only pick 1 guy with 1 pick) and corresponds to Boozer not being an option there. Where could Boozer potentially be an option?

Miami. Yep, the Heat. They're targeting bigger names right now (resign Wade, go after LBJ & Bosh), but who knows how that'll work out. And they'll want someone alongside Wade. If Bosh (who wants to be "the guy") says no, Boozer could be an option for them. They've been working on some cap space, most recently giving Oklahoma City Daequan Cook AND pick #18 for pick #32 (talk about highway robbery... the Heat traded a player and a mid-1st round pick to move DOWN).

Elsewhere, the Hornets are not going to trade Chris Paul. Most likely. Which is kinda like a "no duh!" statement, but rumors have been flying. Chances are good though that if you're hearing something, it's false.

The Thunder are looking at trading #18 (acquired above) and #21, along with ex-Jazzster Eric Maynor to the Indiana Pacers for #10. The Pacers are in desperate need of a PG, and have already inquired (according to rumors, of course) about Ty Lawson, Darren Collison, Jonny Flynn, Tony Parker, George Hill and Raymond Felton. Maynor might not be the best option, but that's a fairly good haul for #10. I don't know who the Thunder would be targeting at #10 though.

The Clippers and Bulls could be discussing a Luol Dneg + #17 for #8 deal. The Clippers would add a solid piece to their starting 5, and trade down from #8, where they don't seem too enamored with anyone. The Bulls would get a top-10 pick, and also clear cap space to chase both LBJ and Bosh.

Rudy Fernandez is on the block. He could be going to Toronto for picks and something. Or New York for Wilson Chandler or Toney Douglas. Or Chicago. Its a mess.

The T-Wolves are desperately trying to move Al Jefferson. First there were rumors of a Jefferson/#16 for Z-Bo/#12. But the Grizzlies didn't want to give up the pick, and the Timberwolves realized they were chasing after Z-Bo and woke up. Then they offered Jefferson, #16 and #23 for Tayshaun Prince, Chris Wilcox and #7, but were rejected.

The first trades that went down both involved the Bucks. First, they traded Dan Gadzuric and Charlie Bell for Corey Maggette. Then they traded a 2nd rounder in 2012 for Chris-Douglas Roberts. And just like that, they don't need Michael Redd/John Salmons back anymore. As for Gadzuric, there's rumors that he might be shipped (with Andris Biedrins) to the Nuggets for Kenyon Martin, but that trade would have to wait till August 22.

DeMarcus Cousins looks to be the choice for the Kings at #5. Ekpe Udoh seems to be atop the draftboard at #6. The Pistons had Ed Davis atop their board, but if Greg Monroe falls, they'd take him. Which means Ed Davis would probably fall to the Jazz.

According to DraftExpress, the Jazz draftboard goes Monroe, Babbitt, Hayward... but that was announced before it was known that the Pistons would probably pass on Davis for Monroe. I'm guessing Davis is atop the board now?

So, for now, its looking like the draft will go...

  1. Washington Wizards: PG John Wall
  2. Philadelphia 76ers: SG Evan Turner
  3. New Jersey Nets: PF Derrick Favors
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves: SF Wesley Johnson
  5. Sacramento Kings: C DeMarcus Cousins
  6. Golden State Warriors: PF Ekpe Udoh
  7. Detroit Pistons: C Greg Monroe
  8. Los Angeles Clippers: ??? (SF Al-Farouq Aminu?)
  9. Utah Jazz: PF Ed Davis

No guarantees on the Clippers there, and Favors/Johnson could be switched I guess. Maybe Turner too? Or maybe the Warriors shock everyone and don't reach so far, taking Monroe instead. Then it's Davis to Detroit and probably Luke Babbitt to the Jazz.

Hear any rumors? Post them in the comments for everyone to talk about and have fun with. Any fun ideas (wanna trade for Andrew Bogut, or sign Dwyane Wade, or trade Carlos Boozer to the University of Alaska? Have your voice heard in the comments as we discuss stuff up till draft time (or until another post shows up).