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NBA Draft / Everything / Nothing Pre-Draft Post thingy

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Hello all. So today's the big day. I love the draft, not just because of our team - but I love the draft for each player drafted. I grew up watching sports movies with feel good endings. For me, the NBA draft is the 'feel good ending' of so many stories that (someone like me who doesn't follow NCAA / Highschool / European Leagues) I've not had the pleasure to experience / follow.

There's the good kid from the wrong side of the tracks who avoids his environment and channels his gift into sport. There's the kid from the broken home or suffering through a personal tragedy who makes it. The guy from a different country who had to face wars (and something crazy like his house was destroyed by NATO by accident) who made it here; or perhaps he's from a very different background -- he's half alligator or something. Or maybe it's a story of redemption? A guy gets drafted from injury plagued season that jeopardized his financial security (if he didn't make the league) -- or a guy who is motivated to prove people wrong for slipping far - the realm of 2nd rounders with chips on their shoulders. [As it would happen, there are examples of each of these types of players]

It's an entertaining night for me. Especially all the banter between the 'experts'; how it usually brings out the Twitter Fail Whale; and of course, the fan reactions of the drunk New Yorkers. But really, if for one night only (cough, Len Bias, cough) -- this night belongs to all those players. It's the day of the draft -- let's get to talking about it.