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The Downbeat - 25 June 2010 - #258 - The Skinny Edition

Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans will be introduced at 3 p.m. today. I'm sure all of the local radio stations will be carrying it.

For as much as the #9 pick disappointed me, Evans at #55 will be an interesting case. If anything, the Jazz are going to need bodies to fill out the roster so I think he has a decent shot at making the team.

The guy is a beanpole though. In fact, you might need two of him to equal a beanpole. He can fly though and according to O'Connor, they were surprised that he hit his shots when he came in for his workout,

He played at Western Kentucky and again if you look at his notes he averaged about 10 points, shot about .60 percent from the floor and he's one of those kids that I don't know what position he is. He's very thin but he's a terrific athlete. He's a really quick jumper and probably one of the issues is going to be his weight, obviously. But he seemed to be able to compete at a pretty good level. I think he's athletic enough but whether his skill set it there we'll have to see.

Where did he surprise you during his workout?

Being able to make an open jumpshot and the second thing was his quickness off the ground.

Audio from yesterday (courtesy of the Utah Jazz),

So what does the drafting of Hayward mean for the return of Carlos Boozer? The Jazz weren't able to trade up for a big man and they of course didn't draft a true PF. Is the team going to feel compelled to bring back Boozer now and if so, what does that mean for Millsap? He obviously believes that he should be a starter in the league. Will he request a trade? What can the Jazz get for Millsap? Lots of stuff still to come on that front.

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