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The Downbeat - 29 June 2010 - #260 The KOC>Kahn Edition

  I really don't see any way that Boozer is going to command a max deal and get his beloved raise.  For one, teams weren't clearing cap space for this summer for Carlos Boozer.  They were only prepared to offer max deals to James, Wade, and Bosh.  The next tier of free agents likely aren't going to get that.  From ESPN we learn this,

On the other hand, clubs believe they can get Boozer for multiple years at a contract beginning around $13 million a year, according to sources.

He made about $13.5M last season so he's not going to be getting much of a raise, if any.  He'll make more as the years progress on his deal but he's not going to be maxing out.

Setting aside the debate about whether or not Boozer helps your team win, the biggest factor to giving him a 5 or 6-year deal is his inability to stay healthy.  His seasons with the Jazz have included 51, 33, 74, 81, 37, and 78 games played.  Are we on pattern to see another major injury in the next season or the one after that?

  Matthews and Fesenko were extended QOs yesterday.  Lest you forget, here's a Matthews Mix courtesy of memoismoney.  I'm still waiting on a Fesenko highlight mix

Wesley Matthews Rookie Season Mix (via memoismoney)

  I really need to take better notes about where I read things.  I read this somewhere, I think it was a message board, but did the Jazz have a season ticket holder announce the draft pick because they knew they were going to get booed?  O'Connor has stated that he knew it wasn't going to be a popular pick. 

They obviously didn't pick a season ticket holder to take the fall or the brunt for the pick, though it does remind me of Jim Carrey's character in Fun with Dick and Jane that gets promoted just to take the fall for the company.

So, who should the Jazz have announce that they've re-signed Carlos Boozer?

  Let me set this up.  I don't agree with the #9 pick.  I think Hayward is going to be a fine player but I would have picked 3-4 guys ahead of him.  Everyone has the right to question KOC on it given the other players that didn't get picked.  However, no matter how bad you think O'Connor is, you have to at least admit he's only the 2nd-worst GM in the league because there's no way he's topping David Kahn.  From BDL,

Kahn acknowledged Friday that he is looking into trading Jefferson, the team's leading scorer last season, if Milicic, an unrestricted free agent, is re-signed.

"It's the right time finally for us to explore this," Kahn said of a possible Jefferson trade. "I've met with Al and discussed this. If Darko comes back, there could be a need to create some playing time. We really need to get our front line settled."

You read that right. David Kahn is going to try to trade Al Jefferson because he re-signed Darko Milicic(notes). Yes, the same Darko Milicic that is regarded as one of the NBA's biggest draft busts, more for what the players chosen behind him became rather than his workmanlike production thus far; and yes, the same Al Jefferson who was the centerpiece of the trade that made it OK to let Kevin Garnett(notes) leave Minnesota.

My only question is, why hasn't O'Connor been able to take advantage of Kahn and other similar-type GMs in the league?  That's what you should be mad about.

  Tuesday open poll:  Who should Kevin O'Connor be calling at 12:01 a.m. this Thursday?