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Carlos Boozer For David Lee?

My predictions (subject to change): Bron & Johnson in Chi; Wade & Bosh in Mia; Amare & Gay in NJ; Dirk in Dallas; Boozer in NY; Lee in Utahless than a minute ago via web

Chad Ford tweeted this right after his chat where he stated the same thing. Then he was off without any follow-up questions.

Of course if this were to happen, I'm guessing the majority of Jazz fans would be ecstatic. It would placate both types of Jazz fans: those that want Boozer gone and those that say we couldn't replace Boozer's numbers. Lee put up 20 & 12 last season and had a PER of 22.2. He's also 6' 9" with shoes and is a better defender than Boozer.

The drawbacks would be that Lee would get close to a max contract in years at least. Is he worth that? He's 3 years younger than Boozer. More importantly though he's doesn't have an injury history that matched Boozer's.

The Jazz would also get something for Boozer. Of course all of this is contingent on NY not signing any of the other big names and both Boozer and Lee agreeing to the trade. Boozer seems more likely to agree. I don't know where Utah ranks on Lee's wish list.

One other thing to consider is does this help Deron stay in a couple of seasons? Does this improve the team? I think yes and yes.

I think is has a slim to none chance of happening but is any rumor more believable than another at this point in the season? If nothing else, it gives us something to chew on and some more false hope.