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Free Agency, Day 1: Open Thread

Updated (9:51 PM MST): Wes Matthews news (you won't like it), in the comments

Free agency is rapidly approaching... it's less than 2.5 hours away now. Rumors are flying with no regard for human life.

LeBron James will be playing for 8 teams next season. Joe Johnson has 6 teams right now, and a max contract or 3 coming his way. Our own Carlos Boozer has a couple suitors of his own. Chris Bosh is going to be traded to 4 different teams (but not for Luol Deng), allowing Toronto to completely overhaul their roster in 1 night (early favorite seems to be Miami). Dwyane Wade is staying put, it seems. Paul Pierce opted out. David Lee could be signed and traded for a bigger name. Ray Allen is being wooed by 4 teams 3 different superstars to come play with them (for cheap). Amar'e Stoudemire looks to be leaving Phoenix. Rudy Gay might be going somewhere. Dirk Nowitzki opted out, making him a free agent. Cleveland has had 2 coaches sign contracts in the last 2 days. Someone out there thinks OJ Mayo for Jameer Nelson would be a good trade for Orlando. Richard Jefferson just ran from millions of dollars, giving the Spurs deeper pockets... and making him the anti-Korver/Boozer/Okur (from last year). Carmelo Anthony might be on the trade block. Man... even Brian Scalabrine has 2 teams chasing after him!

The Jazz have 3 FAs out there... Boozer, Wes Matthews & Kyrylo Fesenko. Also out there... ex-Jazzster Ronnie Brewer. Doubtful any of them (save for Boozer maybe) see much action in the media tonight/tomorrow. As for our Jazz, unlikely they do much of anything.

But on this, the first night & day of free agency, all eyes will be on the big names. (While you're at it, go here and make your predictions. Winners get a pat on the back from themselves.) Rumors galore... post whatever you hear (or, if you want to make something up, go for it... just let us know its made up) in the comments.

Have a field day with this... in case you haven't noticed, the "insiders" are. You know as much as the insiders. Who's going where? My sources told me Dwyane Wade to Utah was a lock. (We'll just ignore that I used a random number generator, with evens being 'yes' and odds being 'no'.)