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The Downbeat - 4 June 2010 - #243 - The Korver/Kobe Edition

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1_medium An update on Deron's wrist from Siler,

  1. tribjazz
    tribjazz For all the concern about his wrist going into off-season, it sounds like Deron Williams will be able to play for USA Basketball this summer

I would assume that means no surgery for the wrist.  The bigger question though is will he field a Dodge Ball team again?

  Rosenberg was given a verbal reprimand by the WQAM Operations Manager, Lee Feldman, according to the Deseret News for his comments about the state of Utah and Mormons.  Here's the statement from Feldman,

"[T]his whole thing has been blown way out proportion" and that Rosenberg "asked the question if Mormons were crazy in a very tongue-and-cheek manner and absolutely no malice was intended."

Added Feldman: "As far as taking a shot at Utah, Sid said that it was beautiful but a horrible place to live, which is a matter of opinion."

"I know Sid and he is not a bigot, nor does he have a hateful bone in his body," Feldman wrote.

I don't think there was malice intended, I think he was just fishing for a quote from Boozer.  I could buy the tongue-in-cheek response if he hadn't prefaced that with his statement about Utah first.

I did receive an email from a colleague of his pointing out that he has done a lot of good things as well despite some of his statements.  From his website he has a Sid for SIDS charity which is a very noble endeavor.

So let's be done with this, shall we?  It isn't the first and won't be the last something like this gets said.  I guess that's what you get for off-season news.


  Greg Monroe is going to be in the SLC this morning for a workout.  According to Siler he won't be working out with anyone else.

Unless the Jazz move up, he could be gone by the time the Jazz pick.  Recent mock drafts have him being taken by Detroit. for example now has the Jazz taking Ed Davis.

Great story about Korver helping a kid in Iowa raise money for some basketball hoops for an orphanage in Africa,

Between April 28 and May 5, [Kobe Diers] would try to make 1,000 3-pointers from beyond a high-school arc. He asked friends, family and neighbors to sponsor him in his quest, pledging a nickel or a dime for each shot made in order to buy one Goalsetter hoop.

Kobe launched 200 attempts on the first day. "About three days in, my arms started to hurt," he recalled. "That was the hardest part."

Kyle's brother Klayton, who runs Korver's charities, heard about the story and decided to help out,

Before long, the conversation turned to little Kobe and his 3-point barrage, and a light bulb went off. The Kyle Korver Foundation agreed to match Diers’ efforts, donating two more basketball hoops to The Covering, bringing the total to four. Plus, proceeds from every Seer T-shirt sold at the Sports Page on Tuesday — where Kyle Korver is slated to be on-hand — will go toward Kobe’s campaign.

The great thing about the Korvers is that they could just go out an buy all of the hoops this orphanage could ever need and then some.  Instead, as with all of their charities, they promote work and participation from everyone.  Kyle could just write checks for whatever is needed but he's also helping people become better people by getting them engaged in good causes.

Very commendable stuff and people to look up to.

  I jumped on twitter too late yesterday to get this from moni.  I think I'm going to start  I admit, when I first learned Deron's name, I thought it was pronounced Du-Ron as well.  Forget the oil spill, this is what needs to be brought to the Nation's attention.  Enough is enough!

From TAI:

Matt Bouldin Wizards Workout Interview - May 31, 2010 - Truth About (via 1truthaboutit)