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The Downbeat - 7 June 2010 - #244 - The 100 Edition

  Here's some audio from Kevin O'Connor and the rest of the players that were brought in for workouts.

Kevin O'Connor (6/6/2010)

Xavier Henry

Ryan Thompson

Luke Babbitt

Gordon Hayward

Damion Jones

Alfarouq Aminu

Kevin O'Connor on Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe

  Great find by Nets Daily (and some interesting comments about trading for AK).  AK is back in Russia after some vacation stops in Japan and Singapore.  He's asked of course about playing for the Nets (which he replies he can't comment), some referee scandals they had in Russia, and the Russian championship.  

The quote that might be most endearing to Jazz fans, is the one after being asked about rooting for the Lakers,

- And in the NBA Finals who will win?
- Los Angeles Lakers.

- You're for them?
- I root for "Utah Jazz". Honestly, do not worry for any of finalist teams of NBA. I think that the NBA is almost always the strongest wins. Here you can say anything. Many hinting "Cleveland" in the finale, for example. But he was not strong enough.

Sad their won't be any bay of pigs pics this season but something interesting from Japan could show up.  Here's the video of an interview, not that you can understand it.

    Interesting story about the coach,

One former player, who O'Connor declined to name, once told [him], " 'Coach, I think I'm better than so-and-so.' And he said, 'I think so, too.' And the player said, 'Well, why aren't you letting me play. And coach said, 'You're the one not letting you play, not me.' "

The message?

"Players are expected to do things a certain way," O'Connor said. "He wants them to play within the system."
Coach also believed in quality practices.

"He thinks practice is more important than the games," O'Connor said. "He thinks the games are a refection of what happens in practice."

Of course this is O'Connor talking about John Wooden, the legendary men's basketball coach at UCLA.  I took out Wooden's name in the quote and changed the tense of the verbs.  To me though, the above sounds identical to Coach Sloan. 

  The members of the "100 Club" are suing the Jazz for $19 (holding pinky finger to mouth) million dollars.  Ross Siler is all over this.

The 100 Club is an exclusive group of Jazz fans that was originally found to help raise money for the Jazz back in 1987.  Some of the perks include great seats (purchased separately), access to players, discounts on their season tickets, catered dinners at games, and trips each year.

Up until this season, only members of the 100 Club could sell or transfer their season tickets.  The Jazz then made a change that allowed any season ticket holder to do this.  The club claims that this severely weakened their exclusivity and as a result, the value of their memberships.

You can see a list of the current seats available on the marketplace website.  They've also provided some recent sales information along with a spreadsheet of the sales that have happened.  It doesn't look like sales are that brisk.  Another interesting note from that web site is that VIP, Lexus Club, and 100 Club seats show as being not transferable.

To most fans, I don't think they could care less in a clash between the team and some of their wealthiest fans.  However, this part in Siler's blog is a bit worrisome,

The suit also notes that after the 100 Club members voiced their issues, the Jazz attempted to unilaterally change the club's operating rules. There were some especially interesting items in this part of the suit.

For one thing, the suit notes that the amended operating rules eliminate any equity or rights to compensation for members should the Jazz be sold or move, which prompted some speculation as to the Millers' future intentions.

"While club members genuinely hope that it will never happen, the timing and substance of this proposal has caused members concern that [Jazz ownership] is actually planning to sell or move the team," the suit says.

Now, that's probably in there as a just in case kind of clause but what's odd is that the Jazz tried to put this in after the club brought these complaints to the team.  It seems like the club would be entitled to some sort of compensation as their conception was in part to an investment in the Jazz.  I don't know what those details are but they surely have some claim there.

Also, now they won't be able to get discounted tickets and will have to pay a higher price in transfer fees to the team if they sell their seats.

Why is that clause about eliminating compensation due to a Jazz move even in there? It's a bit disconcerting.  

Don't worry though, your season passes to SLC Dunk will always remain transferable and with very low fees.

  One final tidbit of Carlos Boozer news.  Maybe we now know why he's been lobbying Miami so much lately,

It's an improbable scenario, and a source with knowledge of his plans says Riley clearly prefers Chris Bosh over Amar'e Stoudemire with the second max contract slot the Heat have available. In fact, Riley is believed to still be torn about whether he would take Stoudemire over Utah's Carlos Boozer. Riley is also intrigued with signing Boston's Ray Allen to get a shooter on the floor with Wade.

It looks like he's got some competition with Chris Bosh for that contract spot with the Heat.  He might have the edge on Stoudemire though it looks like.  If Bosh is the name that's needed to keep Wade in Miami, where does that put Boozer?  Chicago?  New Jersey?  NYC?