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The Downbeat - 8 June 2010 - #245 The Boozer > Lee Edition

Carlos Boozer went on ESPN 1050 New York yesterday and was asked if he thought he was better than David Lee. He didn't mince words (from Dan Sheldon),

Oh, absolutely I do. I think he's a very good, young player though. I think he had a great season. He was an All-Star this year. I think he has a great upside to him. I do think I'm better but, I mean, that's for you guys to debate about. I don't worry about that kind of stuff. I just go out there and play hard for my team and try everything I can to win games and win a ring. But David Lee's a great, young player, a good friend of mine, and of course I wish him the best of luck as well with whatever he does. If he stays in New York or if he also goes elsewhere.

He also talked about playing with Deron, if he would have won a championship if he would have stayed in Cleveland, and staying with the Jazz.

Carlos Boozer on ESPN 1050 (~23:00 mark)

Tim Buckley also notes that he had a chat on as well.

Seriously though, where was this Boozer last off-season?

Kevin O'Connor was on Locke yesterday and said that Ekpe Udoh was going to be coming in for a workout later this week. He didn't say that directly but inferred it when Locke asked him about it. I still haven't heard if Cole Aldrich will be coming in or not.

No matter who they have doing the NBA (ABC, TNT, etc.), the theme song from from when the NBC had the games will always be the definitive music of the NBA. You knew in the first 1-2 seconds that the NBA was on TV.

NBA on NBC TV theme song (via ridgeracerplayer14)

In honor of the iPhone 4 being announced yesterday, I bring to you the new logo of the Utah Flash,


Sorry if you don't get it. A little tech humor.

Tuesday poll. SBN launched several regional sites including Chicago, New York, Detroit, etc. They're going to be launching more for the rest of the month. Sadly, is not one of them. How interested would you be in having a regional Utah site on SBN? It would be a page with info on the Utes, Cougars, Aggies? (anyone want to start an Aggies blog?), Jazz, and more. Check out some of the other regional sites and then let me know what you think.