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Portland Trailblazers Are Finalizing Offer Sheet To Wesley Matthews

UPDATE from Yahoo!

The Blazers offered their full midlevel exception in a frontloaded contract that includes a $9.2 million payday in the first year in hopes it would be too expensive for the Jazz to match and keep Matthews, the source said.

From Siler,

Wesley Mathews' agent, Lance Young, says Blazers are finalizing offer sheet, expected to be completed today.less than a minute ago via web

Word is Matthews offer from Portland is going to be five years and $25 million. That's unconfirmed but what the Jazz are bracing for.less than a minute ago via web

It will be interesting to find out what the terms of the deal are and if Portland is sticking it to the Jazz again. If it is, really the Jazz have no one to blame but themselves for not getting an offer done earlier.