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Jazz Pursuing Al Jefferson

From Marc Stein,

Just filed to Sources say UTA has quickly moved into lead in race to acquire Al Jefferson from MIN and working now to seal dealless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

If you're looking for the Jazz to use the trade exception they got from the Boozer trade, here you go. Jefferson would be essentially replacing Boozer. Is that an upgrade? Both are gifted offensively though their methods are different. Jefferson can put up 20 & 10 and has an impressive PER rating of 19, 23, and 22.7 for the past three seasons. Of course he doesn't play defense really either and got hurt with a torn ACL abuot a year and a half ago.

The biggest question here is where would Al play? He's 6' 10", 265 and had played PF for his career. Would Sloan use him at center until Memo gets back? I don't think you can move Millsap back to the bench at this point.

When Memo does come back, which could be as early as opening night, then what? Who's coming off the bench? Not that Sloan cares about salary at all, but that's $9M to Okur, $12M to Jefferson, and about $7M for Millsap.

This would also mean little to no AK at the 4 spot. But if we're looking for depth, this will fit the bill. He still has 3 years, $42M left on his deal.

I'm not sure what the Jazz would send back. They don't have to send anything really with the trade exception being used but Minny would likely get draft picks and maybe.... the KOOF?

It would also make the TWolves a little less pesky.

So what say ye Jazz fans, yea or nay?